About Us

Cyprus Renal Association: Establishment and Goals

The Cyprus Renal Association (CRA) was founded in 2009 as a non-profit organisation, aiming at the development of Nephrology and Pediatric Nephrology in Cyprus and the improvement of the level of provision of specialized and high-quality Nephrology services to adults and children, based on European and International standards. Since then CRA has continued to grow and develop, with the number of its members to have almost doubled.


  1. To improve public awareness regarding kidney health, its preservation and disease processes that affect it, through continues engagement and update.
  2. Promote the implementation of measure that will contribute to the prevention or slowing of the progression of chronic kidney diseases.
  3. Support the development and adoption of innovative solutions and treatments to ensure good kidney health, combat renal disease and replace kidney function.
  4. Support and promote kidney transplants in Cyprus.
  5. Cultivate a high scientific standard within the nephrology community in Cyprus through continuous education and professional development of its members.
  6. Through its capacity as the national scientific body in the field of nephrology, to provide advice to the relevant state and governmental bodies, in order to influence and ensure the best Nephrology/Pediatric Nephrology services for patients with kidney disease.