Cyprus Renal Association

Welcome to Cyprus Renal Association’s (CRA) official website. Through our website, you can find information on CRA activities, seminars and other events, as well as information on kidney health preservation, kidney diseases and their complications.

Greetings From The CRA President

Dear colleagues and friends,

With great pleasure, we welcome you to the official website of Cyprus Renal Association (CRA). Online communication is an integral part of communication nowadays and through this website we aim to provide our scientific knowledge to the public and especially to our kidney patients and friends.

Targeting to a continuous, valid and up to date education of the public and our patients, we aim to kidney disease prevention, kidney health preservation for the population, and kidney disease best treatment when this is confirmed and by this to the improvement of the quality of life for our patients and their families.

We wish CRA website will be the starting point for knowledge, research and collaborations, but also a continuous support and a mean for updates on nephrology issues for colleagues of other medical specialties.

On behalf of the CRA board,

Dr. Kyriakos Ioannou

Strong Kidneys - Informational video by ERA - EDTA


34th European Renal Cell Study Group

Το European Renal Cell Study Group αποτελεί ετήσια Ευρωπαϊκή συνάντηση κλινικών ιατρών και ερευνητών στον τομέα της Νεφρολογίας με σκοπό την ανακοίνωση των νέων επιστημονικών ευρημάτων της Πειραματικής Νεφρολογίας για

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Επεμβατική Νεφρολογία – Ο ρόλος του Νεφρολόγου και του Αγγειοχειρουργού

Η παρεμβατική Νεφρολογία αφορά στην τοποθέτηση δίαυλων καθετήρων σε κεντρικά φλεβικά στελέχη, με ή χωρίς υποδόρια πορεία, σε ασθενείς που θα υποβληθούν σε αιμοκάθαρση ή αφαίρεση, στη τοποθέτηση περιτοναϊκών καθετήρων

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